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Journalism portfolio


[EN/PL] Jesus in the pines. Refugees and border guards in the Białowieża Forest, 
the European Review of Books 


[EN] Missing out on green gold /How Big Tobacco may have avoided Malawi’s taxman,  
the Continent, ZAM Magazine, Mail & Guardian, the Elephant, Malawi Platform for Investigative Journalism 


[EN] ‘Low-carbon product’ promoted by COP28 president 3 times more damaging than ‘regular’ fuels,
Euronews Green


[NL] The energy transition in the Port of Rotterdam is going well - for the shareholders,
Vers Beton [Fonds Pascal Decroos grant]


[EN] Is there an end in sight to labor abuses for this certified "sustainable" palm oil producer?, Unbias the News & iWatch Africa [IJ4EU grant]


[NL] The sustainability strategy in the Port of Rotterdam leads to more methane emissions - a forgotten greenhouse gas with a higher impact than CO2Vers Beton [Fonds Pascal Decroos grant]

sinking cities.JPG

[EN] Rotterdam - a bastion against the rising sea, for now, Unbias the News [Journalismfund grant]; winner of Climate Journalism Award: Emerging Talent 2023


[EN/NL/FR/ES] Can Rotterdam avoid green gentrification and be a climate-adaptive city for all?, Equal Times & Vers Beton


[EN] African leaders demand action on 'broken promises' at climate adaptation summit, Euronews Green


[EN] 'Nothing was done for 17 days': Polish government under fire for handling of Oder River crisis, Euronews Green


[EN/PL] Oder River Environmental Disaster [timeline + map], Gazeta Wyborcza

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